Saturday, June 28, 2014

Overview of custom diapers & pricing

Little Beasties offers one size cloth pocket diapers with adjustable elastic & leg gussets.  Typical materials used: 100% cotton outer/hidden PUL/alova inner.  I try to avoid violating copyrights & trademarks for embroidery designs - if unsure, just ask and we can discuss alternative options.

Custom pricing for pocket diapers starts at $30 + 3.00 U.S. shipping.  If you would like to add shipping insurance to your order, it is an additional $2.20.  Shipping will be combined if multiple diapers are ordered.  There is an 8.1% sales tax for MO residents only.

Additional fees apply for various diaper features:
Rush orders:  $10 per diaper
Embroidery designs (only if I don't already own the design):  direct cost
Material upgrades:  a quote will be given depending upon the material requested
Metallic thread:  $3
Extra-high stitch count designs:  $2
Extra hoopings (if I need to move the material in the hoop - for instance if there's a design with a name below, this may apply):  $1.50
Applique patterns:  $1.50
5+ colors designs:  $1.50
Custom digitizing through a 3rd party (using an image you provide - ask me first to ensure the image is suitable for digitization; I will handle all communication with the digitizing professional to ensure a quality and suitable image is received):  $6.50
Special order snap colors:  direct cost

Looking for examples of previous Little Beasties custom work?  Check out the photo albums at

Image content on diapers does not reflect the views/positions of Little Beasties Creations.  Diaper embroidery is at the request of the buyer, and the discretion of the maker.

  1. Please fill out the Custom Diaper Request form, and send to
  2. I will get back to you with any additional questions and links to embroidery design possibilities.
  3. You will be sent a Paypal invoice with all the terms laid out.  
  4. I will begin processing your order once payment has been received.
Thank you!!!
Julianne Hemphill
Owner, Little Beasties Creations

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